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Big Stack combines the 32 Can cooler/seat with The Coolest Trolley.

32 Can Cooler Seat

The Big Stack couples our 32 can cooler with our Coolest Trolley. The cooler features iced, refrigerated and dry storage with swing away lid that doubles as a side table and padded seat holding up to 450lbs. The dry storage pocket is insulated to protect electronics from the heat or keep warm goods warm. The trolley holds your cooler and all your gear! It also can be used separately for shopping.

Big Stack

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Coolest Trolley

Trolley can be used separately so shopping at the neighborhood store or farmers market.  I rolls over rocks, grass gravel or sand.  The wheels are solid rubber so they run like a high pressure tire but never go flat.

Big Stack Holds All Your Gear!

The Coolest Trolley is the ideal companion to The Coolest Cooler.   It’s lightweight yet very strong holding up to 100lbs. of weight.  Its versatility allows you to use the trolley separately by placing the gear bag towards the font for use while shopping at farmers markets or street fairs.  The trolley collapses flat and the quick release hubs allow for easy removal of the wheels so you can stow it away in your closet, under your bed or in a boat or RV making it great for use as a dock cart for your boat or laundry hamper for your RV.  The sleek upright design means it won’t take up much space when in use. 

When you place the gear bag towards the back you still have access to the extra-large storage bag and you can then; hang the small cooler on the trolley along with your gear such as chairs or a tackle or tool box, hang the large cooler on the trolley along with a beach or camp chair along with a picnic throw, or hang both coolers on the trolley and still have access to the large capacity gear bag.

When you double stack both coolers on the trolley the set-up holds as much a large rectangular cooler but is much easier to maneuver and only one person can handle the load.  You also have distinctly separate storage to use as needed.  For example, some people use the small cooler as a separate cooler for the kids and keep the larger cooler for use with the adults.  You can also use the small cooler to store only hot goods such as chicken, burritos and tamales with the large cooler devoted to wine, beer and soda along with meat for grill’n or sandwiches in the refrigerated side pocket. 

The double stack is also designed with road trips in mind since you can keep the smaller cooler in the front of the car or SUV for waters, snacks and soda during the drive and the bigger one in the back of the vehicle for all the food and drinks you’ll need when you get to where you’re going.

The extruded steel frame runs from the left axil up through the handle and down through the right axil.  This design means the trolley wont torque and twist allowing you to steer the trolley with fully loaded coolers in front of you.  This makes it ideal for pushing through the gates of theme parks that only allow push in front items such as Disney Land.  When you travel to a hotel you can push it in front of you while pulling your luggage from behind making for a single easy trip to your room.   Please note: The Big Stack with a personal item such as a backpack for purse stacked on top is a great option for Disney but the The Double Stack is overkill and might be pushing the envelope and don't put chairs or other items on the trolley for this use.  Keep it clean and simple and only push it through the gate don't pull it.

The wheels run like a high-pressure tire but never go flat because they're made of high-density urethane foam so they won’t puncture.  The high axil means you can roll the full set on rocks, grass, gravel and even sand.  The tires run smooth and quiet unlike the hard plastic wheels or the little skate wheels on other coolers.

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